We are now half way through shooting and we don’t know if we should have a victory dance or curl up in a ball and cry ourselves to sleep.. but anyways: here we are, full of hopes and wonders, together with our beloved DOPs Priyan and Otilia, the night before we started production!
(Please notice how we all look fresh and well rested)

Once the set up for lights and reflectors is ready, it’s finally time for adventures!

Stay tuned for new crunchy pictures from our backstage!




Guess what? We made it! 

Lack of sleep, back pains, or Nicola’s music couldn’t stop us from finishing preproduction on time!
But don’t be surprised if you see us and we look like these guys ⬇️

Enjoy our last bits of preproduction!

Put your hands up!


Here’s our recipe to make some fine looking hands!

img_3983Prepare a model of your hands with hard modeling clay, it helps if you build a little bone structure inside with wire.
7789613c-824f-4ac1-a520-01c839ee7e07Cover one side of your model with a softer modeling clay, then prepare a wall around it to cast the plaster. We used our old Legos, they work perfectly!
Make sure to use plaster for arts and crafts, not the building one.
9818b94e-e66d-4372-a415-10db0990fdd7After the plaster is dry, you should be able to peel off the softer modeling clay leaving the model of your hand untouched. You are now ready to do the second cast for the other side of the hand.
fullsizerender_4After it dries it should look like this 🙂
fullsizerender_5It’s now time to make a skeleton for your hand! Wire works perfectly, you will be able to move your model any way you want. Once it’s ready, set it in your cast and prepare the silicone.
whatsapp-image-2017-01-23-at-18-15-51It’s a very delicate balance between catalyst and silicone, only real wizards and witches can do it right!
67ebaaf0-b5a9-4174-a614-8ab87c8dfc1fThis is the brand we used, apply it on both sides of the cast, keeping the wire in the middle, then put it all together and keep it close!
5b3e2c65-157b-4c22-a0b0-b9b81a1141c6Just like this
fullsizerenderAfter several hours you can attempt to separate the sides of the cast, it takes some muscles! To help you with this complicated task you can spread some lotion or soap between the two sides before you close the cast.
fullsizerender_2 It is a magical moment when you are finally able to see your creature!


 Wave goodbye!


Strip Teaser!

Here’s a comic strip to introduce the story starring our beloved Giovanni and Tommaso!


Sworn enemies, Tommaso and Giovanni, have been caught fighting again!


The tyrannical Mrs Teacher sentences them to another round of detentions


Will they survive the excruciating boredom?


Probably not!


wait. What’s this?


Will the boys’ shared passion for drawing lead to peace? 


Definitely not!