Monsters went to China

As we said we were, we did!
We just came back from two intense and exciting weeks in Beijing where we attended the International Student Film and Video Festival at BFA.
Great things happened,  interesting and talented people were met, scorpions and beetles were eaten, and after the smog settled we came home with a nomination for Best Creative and an award for Best Technical Application in animation!
monsters don't existThree monsters and a dragon!

The good news from the far east doesn’t stop in Beijing! “Monsters don’t Exist” won the Young Audience Award in the Kids Mix Competition at the CRAFT Festival in Yogyakarta!

We may be monsters, but we are not liars. Here’s the proof of our time in China


Screening and talks in the Animation Class at BFA

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Screening at the ISFVF and at the BFA’s Animation Award Ceremony
Big shout out to the greatest volunteer of the century! Eva thank you so much for saving our butts uncountable times!
As promised:
 Thank you/sorry to Johnny Coffeen and Niv Bilman for stealing a couple of your pictures!



Thank you Beijing!


here’s the link to the article on our school’s website!



Fmk Festival!!!!!

Lucky start for I Mostri non Esistono! 
We will be in Pordenone next weekend watching, for the first time, Tom and Gio on the big screen!
Don’t miss it!
monster_journal_fmk festival
check out here the program of the festival!
Thank you Tommaso and Sara for giving us this opportunity!

Last Days

We made it! We survived the shoot!

Here’s some behind the scenes from our last days!

Our animation kit: facial expressions, hands, eyelids and eyebrows

Shooting details like a boss

Tommaso just learned he isn’t getting paid for his work.

Mrs. Teacher ❤

How we all feel about now!

Actual footage of Ilaria throwing Nicola across the room.

Just kidding the pictures won’t be released until the court case is over.

Tommaso discovering Giovanni is getting paid for his efforts. Our director had to get involved.

We will miss our tidy work-space

Giants doing geometry!

Here’s some awkward pictures of us holding things!

Four weeks of shooting for a three minute film! I think we earned this… 🦄


We are now half way through shooting and we don’t know if we should have a victory dance or curl up in a ball and cry ourselves to sleep.. but anyways: here we are, full of hopes and wonders, together with our beloved DOPs Priyan and Otilia, the night before we started production!
(Please notice how we all look fresh and well rested)

Once the set up for lights and reflectors is ready, it’s finally time for adventures!

Stay tuned for new crunchy pictures from our backstage!